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No matter the type of Industry you need your POS for, we have the perfect fit.

Customized Menus & Screens

We will help customize your screens for your business needs to allow for fast, efficient service. Point Of Sale Team’s solution’s allows you to make programming and screen changes at a moments notice. We make sure you are able to get your system perfect for any situation you might need.

The use of images representing different products can make it easy for new staff to quickly identify the item they are looking for.

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Order Numbers

Order numbers will give you the flexibility to assign customers a number to deliver food and drinks with the ability to re-use that number again later in the day.

They can be controlled by the POS to stop them from being used on multiple tables and can be assigned consecutively or used with your own custom number system.

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Table Map & Floor Plan

Point Of Sale Team’s graphical table map is flexible & customizable, allowing your floor layout to be easily represented on screen. Staff can then align themselves to know their sections and new staff can quickly grasp where tables are located to help increase their service speed.

Table icons can be set for any shape and size depending on your requirements, and numbered according to your current set up. Color cues let your staff know at a glance what a table’s status is, thus allowing for better table management and customer satisfaction.

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With the all new iPad app, Handheld Ordering is also capable of displaying this map which helps speed service up even more.

Customer Display

Showcase your specials right in front of your customers as they make their decisions. Images can be set to scroll through a set of pre-prepared images showcasing what you want to sell or promote.

There are numerous layouts to choose from! You can show one image the entire time, or show the items as they are rung up and then utilize the full screen when there is no sale taking place.

customer display

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Also integrate Digital Signage in to your display

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Free Gift Cards

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Card Processing

No Hidden Fees Accurate processing with fewer credit card processing complaints. Simple integration with your current hardware.

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2-in-1 Promo cards

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