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Reflection POS provided fast secure transactions and with it’s ease of use required for reliable, efficient service again in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
The Reflection POS software successfully processed approximately $30 million in transactions at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympics Games held in August.
Reflection POS was an integral part of the solution used in more than 400 terminals located across 80 retail outlets, including mega stores at Olympic Park and Copacabana Beach. NCC was the exclusive POS software provider to outlets that sold official Rio 2016 Olympic apparel and merchandise in.

Reflection POS's customizable, easy-to-use interface made training simple for thousands of temporary retail staff. Its speed and reliability that helped to keep long lines moving as crowds from among the more than 5 million ticket holders and 10,000 athletes visited the stores for souvenirs. Because Reflection POS enables terminals to share data with each other and to operate offline, there is no single point of failure or data loss, which resulted in virtually no downtime. In addition, the terminals sent sales, labor, and inventory data to an above store cloud to enable managers to access vital, real-time data from any location via an Internet connection.

The POS system deployed at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games included Touch Screen Terminals with built-in laser scanners and customer facing video displays, Ingenico PIN entry devices, and Sam4s thermal receipt printers. The POS system also supported payment with cash, Visa card, Olympic-theme prepaid cards, and Apple Pay mobile wallet payments, as well as with trial Visa wearables including a bracelet and a ring.



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